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81. Civilization Under Attack : September 11, 2001 & Beyond
by Stephanie J. Clement, Bernie Ashman, David Crook, etc.

82. Comet of Nostradamus: August 2004- Impact!
by R. W. Welch

83. Composite Charts; The Astrology of Relationships
by Robert Hand, John Townley

84. Concise Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology 1924
by Charles E. O. Carter

85. Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages
by Chuck Missler

86. Creative Stars: Using Astrology to Tap Your Muse
by T. J. Macgregor

87. Dancing with the Wheel
by Crysalis Mulligan, Wabun Wind, Sun Bear

88. Directional Astrology 1921
by Sepharial

89. Discovering Your Soul Mission : How to Use Karmic Astrology to Create the Life You Want
by Evan St. Lifer, Linda Brady

90. Do It Yourself Astrology: A User-Friendly Guide to Your Personality
by Lyn Birkbeck

91. Dynamics of Aspect Analysis: New Perceptions in Astrology
by Bil Tierney

92. Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology
by Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene

93. Earth Magic: A Wisewoman's Guide to Herbal, Astrological and Other Folk Wisdom
by Claire Nahmad

94. Edgar Cayce's Astrological Revelations
by John Willner

95. Edgar Cayce's Astrology for the Soul
by W. H. Church, Margaret Gammon

96. Edgar Cayce's Secrets of Astrology: Planets, Signs, Aspects and Sojourns
by Kirk Nelson

97. Encyclopedia of Chinese astrology
by Tri Lam

98. Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology Vol. 2 (1933)
by Howard Leslie Cornell

99. Erotic Astrology
by Olivia

100. Esoteric Astrology (Alan Leo Astrologer's Library)
by Alan Leo

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