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Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationship

by Theodora Lau

Buy the book: Theodora Lau. Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationship

Release Date: 16 June, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Theodora Lau. Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationship

cant get over how true to life this is

i used to read books on eastern astrology and didnt find alot of it to be true, and i started reading books about chinese astrology, and im amazed at the things it says in these books that are so true that its scary. im suprised that more people dont know more about this type of astrology.

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For people who are not superstitious, it will amaze them .

I'm not an astrological fanatic, however it's really intriguing to me how accuarte this book was. My brother was the initial owner of the previous addition which was wonderful- My family was so intrigues that after eleven signs testes with people in our family- at the end, we all agreed that all were virtually accurate. Recently, I went to the bookstore to buy the new edition- which was essentially the same. Naturally, I thought that maybe the yearly advice for each animal would be different since the change in years- this was not true however. The book, if you do not own it - is probably the most accurate thing out there, however- it does not pay to get both editions. -enjoy!

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