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Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life: Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Age

by Diana L. Paxson, Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest

Buy the book: Diana L. Paxson. Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life: Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Age

Release Date: April, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Diana L. Paxson. Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life: Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Age

A Guide to The Decades of Your Life

Presented in this book is a guide for the total life experience of a woman by her age.  Using decades as markers, the book explores the growth of a woman as she encounters the different rites of passage from one phase of her life into the next.
Those who are familiar with Ms. Budapest's spiritual path know that women encounter cycles in their lives and Ms. Budapest has laid out a diagram to help us see where we are going and what to possibly expect.  Using the cycles of the planets and basic astrology, you can see what will come of your life based on when you were born and your signs.
Using "Fate Dates" or major astrological influences and the ages at which they come into play and then adding personal experiences of women who are the age being discussed, Ms. Budapest gives you an idea of  how you might want to handle different situations you will encounter in your life.
Ms. Budapest is also quick to note that each person is different, that each encounter with growth will be a choice and decision unique to the individual.   "As you read through the stories, you will be tempted to compare your experiences at different ages with those described.  While some comments will sound like echoes of your own thoughts, others may not ring a bell at all.  Don't worry - we all have the same destination, but there are different ways to reach it.  No two people have exactly the same life story."
The book gives interesting life experiences, and the 'cycles of the decades' is a unique look at growth in a woman.  She adds a type of 'ritual' for each birthday, something unique to do to celebrate the passing of the year and similar to a rite of passage for that year marking a portion of growth in our lives.  The addition of the personal experiences of many different women makes this a nice collection of woman's wisdoms as well.
Z. Budapest has spent her life promoting personal awareness in women, giving us books that are insightful explorations of woman's ways and providing positive affirmations for those who may have lost themselves along the way.  This book is yet another woman's empowering tool that Zee, along with her co-writer Diana L. Paxson, are providing to their community and to all women everywhere. 

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