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Brady's Book of Fixed Stars

by Bernadette Brady

Buy the book: Bernadette Brady. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars

Release Date: September, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bernadette Brady. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars

Excellent addition to your Astrology library.

When this book had just come out, I attended Ms. Brady's Fixed Star workshop in Atlanta, May,'98.The lecture given was enthral ling ...Ms. Brady's interest & expertise in her subject were very impressive. Naturally, I signed up to have a Fixed StarReport done by the lady herself, & it has added "oodles" of info to my own charts, etc. Soon I had the book in hand & have been very impressed with it also. Not a beginner's book,perhaps,unless you have an interest in myths/archetypes.SolarFire4 software has the lists, etc., but no written report...you need this book to "read all about it". Beginning/Middle/End of life info can be yours!Which stars are connected to your chart/planets? Find out.. & be amazed!!

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easier than I thought, excellent revival of a good method

I'd been avoiding this book probably because I expected working with parans to be difficult. I succumbed to it during a recent chest cold and it turned out to be so clearly and well written that I had no trouble getting my one-track mind off the ecliptic. Brady's discussion of the history, charting methods, and meanings of the stars/constellations are enjoyable and enlightening, often providing a constructive viewpoint where classical interpretations do not. Computers make it unnecessary for astrologers to watch the sky, and this book has encouraged me to change my habits on that count. Unlike many astrology books, this one left me feeling ~better-educated~ and ecouraged me to research further on my own. Very useful for evaluating charts with questionable birth times. Looking forward to seeing what wider use of this method may yield over the next few years. And here's hoping Brady will develop a report module for Solar Fire!

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