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Astrology: A Cosmic Science

by Isabel M. Hickey

Buy the book: Isabel M. Hickey. Astrology: A Cosmic Science

Release Date: April, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Isabel M. Hickey. Astrology: A Cosmic Science

A Good Intelligent Read--

This book is highly recommended.The author makes the reader agree that Astrology is a Cosmic Science.Recommended for all levels of Astrological Knowledge seekers.(beginners, middle, or advanced).After reading many..many books on Astrology,on the topic of Astrology as being a cosmic science,i can say Yes..this is the best i can think of.This is a well-researched and finely written book.(Dr.Parihar,Vedic Medical Astrologer)

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First Rate; My Astrology Bible

Having gotton the Astrology bug a couple of years ago, I have read a number of astrology books and perused many more.

Isabel Hickey's book serves as the astrolgoy "bible" for me. It's stand-out quality is how well it takes one through the fundamentals of astrology while at the same time revealing deep and spritually profound truths underlying "the cosmic science."

It is really a wonderful book.

I use it so much that my copy is literally taped together at this point to keep it from falling apart. I don't want to use a new copy because I have come to rely on the many notes, annotations and underlining of key passages I've written in the text. I have hundreds of books in my home and can say that for no volume except "Astrology, A Cosmic Science."

I would recommend anyone - the beginner, the advanced, and the just plain curious - to buy this book.

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