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Astroshamanism: A Journey into the Inner Universe

by Franco Santoro

Buy the book: Franco Santoro. Astroshamanism: A Journey into the Inner Universe

Release Date: April, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Franco Santoro. Astroshamanism: A Journey into the Inner Universe

An inspiring road-map into the path of transformation

This book provides a basic introduction to astroshamanism, which the author defines as a spiritual system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through the integration of the basic principles of shamanism with experiential astrology and the contemporary revival of archaic mystery traditions. The text is a comprehensive roadmap that takes the reader into a journey of deep inner transformation and clarification of intent, supported by detailed and valuable information. Rather than indulging with theories, the focus of the book is experiential, offering a large variety of practical tools and useful suggestions. Besides integrating shamanic principles with astrological knowledge, the author draws from his own individual vision, which is also inspired by the teachings of A Course in Miracles and, though not overtly, by Gnostic and ancient hermetic traditions. It is a practical and precious guide that leaves ample space to the reader's individual spiritual path and potential. In referring to the horoscope and the related symbols and visions, the author discourages excessive interpretation and analyses. He insists on creating a communication with them, opening up to a vital relationship aimed at reawakening the awareness of our true nature and support strong transformations processes. The book covers a large variety of topics that, although common to other texts on shamanism, are treated with an original and genuine approach, stemming from the author's international experience as shamanic facilitator and educator of the Findhorn Foundation. The book also contains an appendix featuring the author's compendium and adaptation of an ancient mythic tale that deeply touches for its mind-boggling and healing nature.

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