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Astrology of the Seers

by David Frawley

Buy the book: David Frawley. Astrology of the Seers

Release Date: 15 April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: David Frawley. Astrology of the Seers

The best introduction to jyotish ever.

When I signed up for Brendan Feeleys' introductory
course in jyotish (vedic astrolgy), this was the textbook.
Need I say more?
OK, for the person new to vedic astrology, this
is probably the best first step.
It covers all the basics; the philosophy behind it,
the planetary significators,signs,houses, aspects,lordships,planetary periods (dashas), harmonic charts, introductions to medical astrology & remedial astrology, and a bevy of sample charts.
Deep concise and fun! Worth every penny.

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A lot of information

I am new to Vedic astrology, but this book has really captured it's essence and given me a good perspective into it. It is so cluttered with the amount of important issues that need to be covered it kind of leaves me in the dust, wondering if I missed the green light telling me when to go. Not only that I am to understand this only covers so much and that there is even more to learn, i.e. Nakshatras, ect. Apart from the devastating amount of inspiration I get from just reading this book, I feel I will read it again to fully understand what this book offers on this subject, before reading other books on this topic.

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