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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene

Buy the book: Liz Greene. Astrology for Lovers

Release Date: September, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Liz Greene. Astrology for Lovers

Fresh perspective

This is not a traditional information text, you won't find delineations of planetary positions or house emphasis. It is a book of Liz Greene's personal opinions and experience of the sun signs in relation to relationships...and it is wonderful. She writes of each sign individually; their potentials, their shadows, and the way they are expressed differently in men and women. She writes with humor and compassion, giving new insights on both signs with notoriously "bad" names and those who can seem to do no wrong in the horoscope columns. Reading it was not only enlightening but thoroughly enjoyable. She respects the intelligence of her audience, and get's herself across as one might to a valued fellow earthling.

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The Best of Its Kind

Despite its rather corny title and cover, this book is by far the best-written and clearest articulation of the archetypal nature of astrology as it intersects with the specifics of the psychology of the individual. It's influenced by Jung, not someone's half-baked *idea* of Jung, and this is also refreshing. Overall, it's the best book of its kind I've ever read--the *only* book I've ever read on "astrology", in fact, that lead me to feel I had come away with genuine psychological insights into myself, thus giving validity to a subject that is usually approached sophomorically at best.

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