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Astrology for the Soul

by Jan Spiller

Buy the book: Jan Spiller. Astrology for the Soul

Release Date: 01 October, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jan Spiller. Astrology for the Soul

This is the "guts" of spiritual astrology

This is my all-time favorite astrology book about my favorite piece of the chart: the Moon's Nodes, which have to do with karma and past lives, and indicate your most karmically appropriate direction in this lifetime. This book is enlightening on many levels and gives you a unique perspective on your soul's pattern that really helps everything make sense.

Best of all, you don't even need to know how to read charts to understand this book. All the North Node placements are in a table in the front of the book. And if you do read charts, you can look up the Node's house placement by house as well as by sign, for more information. This gives you an idea of the soul's direction in the chart, and which energies benefit the person on this level.

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The Essence of Astrology

Many astrology books out there are merely indulgement in philosophy. Astrology for the Soul is a practical book, applicable to any reader's life with razor clear explanations that cut to the heart of the matter. Jan sacrifices technical jargon and too much compartmentalization to completely integrate the life lesson contained in each node. While she doesn't specifically identify the south node, each node is dealt with showing the true polarity and with details of the north and south aspects of nodal placement: the negative karmic patterns of the south node that must be transcended, and the positive qualities of the north node which must be consciously integrated. Jan includes down to earth, plain language descriptions of the qualities that must be moved out of subconsciousness into consciousness so that the reader is able to recognize that within which he most tries to conceal. She includes healing affirmations and specific practices which make sense and work. This book came into my life in an unexpected way and quickly has become the heart of my analysis and the entry point into any chart that I use. While individual house placements are not included, and aspects to nodes are not covered, the essential core meanings are included here for the reader to build from. A tribute to the essential meaning of Astrology, the purpose of which is to add to people's lives and give them information which they can use and not merely think about.

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