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A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer

by Robert P. Blaschke

Buy the book: Robert P. Blaschke. A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer

Release Date: 14 March, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert P. Blaschke. A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer

Excellent practical advice

Robert Blaschke is one of the emerging top astrologers of our time. In his first two books "Progressions" and "Sabian symbols" he had us spellbound by his impeccable astrological technique and insight. In his latest book, he has us mesmorized with his amazing Virgo rising accuracy and practicality.

Here Robert shares generously with his readers all of what has worked for him ( and what has not worked) as he changed from a lucrative career in corporate america to the more risky and adventurous path of becoming a professional astrologer.

This book is valuable for many reason. If you have been a self employed person in the healing arts field, you will share with knowing in the realizations, struggles and successes of a fellow traveller on the path. If you are just starting out, you will have hundreds of fabulous tips to take from Mr Blaschke's book and will probably avoid many pitfalls. If you are neither and the profession of the astrologer is not for you, I can assure you you will still delight in reading about Blaschke's journey as a human being in a material world that manages to stay faithful to his calling dispite the road not always being easy.

I thoroughly recomend this book , as well as all of other written by this delightful man of keen intellect and spirit!

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A real 'how-to build your business' book

I heard about this book from a friend and got a copy for myself. What I expected was a fairly narrow guide for astrologers (I'm not one). Blaschke's book really goes far beyond that. Yes, it has everything the professional astrologer needs to know about setting up and running a business, but it's actually very useful for ANY self-employed person.

Robert covers virtually everything you need to know to go into business for yourself, and then build a successful company. From leasing office space to creating a company identity to marketing to prospects and clients to writing and publishing -- even a section on handling income, expenses and taxes -- it's all there. And he does it in a completely candid style that lets the reader benefit from his experiencs (and mistakes) along the way. The book is full of samples -- forms, artwork, teaching outlines, spreadsheets and the like.

Blaschke has grown his professional standing from private practice to teaching, then publishing and now is an in-demand lecturer across the speaking circuit. This path is the same for any consultant who wants to escape the "why doesn't my phone ring?" trap. I found his book a big help -- and his anecdotes make it a very enjoyable read.

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