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Astro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint

by Larry Pesavento

Buy the book: Larry Pesavento. Astro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint

Release Date: June, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Larry Pesavento. Astro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint

Astro trading for the Beginner

The book is ideal for someone who want to begin to understand what Astro Trading is all about. Larry's presentations are simple to understand. I found the references made and most charts shown to the period between 1985-1988. This may sound a bit outdated but the examples do help to understand when certain planets form certain patterns and the outcome of these pattern formations.
The paper quality and the the quality of the charts need improvement. I also found that certain arrows pointing to certain points in the chart to be slightly off the exact mark. To me this was frustrating because I wasnt sure whether there was a print error or was the error made by the author or maybe I was the one who couldn't see the examples presented clearly. The book needs to have a revised edition with the charts redone
clearly which many software programs are able to do these days.
All said, this is a good book. One which explains astro-trading in a simple format.

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Trading with Astrology

This book give a good introduction to astrological aspects for the uninformed and then describes which ones are key to turning points in financial markets. Pesavento relates astrological relationships of planets to Fibonaccio ratios which are well respected by traders in financial markets. I suggest you buy this book versus his other titles, Planetary Harmonics and Harmomic Vibrations. They have duplicate coverage of many concepts mentioned here and do not add appreciably to the material covered in this book.

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