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Aspects and Personality

by Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Karen Hamaker-Zonday

Buy the book: Karen Hamaker-Zondag. Aspects and Personality

Release Date: May, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Karen Hamaker-Zondag. Aspects and Personality

A Cookbook for building Understanding

Overall, this is an excellent reference for planetary aspects and a learning guide as well for the student. Part I (nearly 1/3 of the book) has much to offer in understanding special problems such as unaspected planets and judging the importance of aspects. Additionally, much care is taken in the emphasis on understanding the basic nature of the planets.

The book did present me with a problem or two - the most obvious being the inclusion of the Inconjunct among major aspects while hiding explanation of the aspect under the heading of the Semisextile. Has the author not yet made up her mind as to its importance?

I give the book both thumbs up!

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One of the two or three most useful astrology books I own

I use this book constantly when I'm interpreting horoscopes. Its main feature is a delineation of all major aspects (the geometric relationships between planets). Hamaker-Zondag's interpretations are clear, psychologically observant and non-dogmatic; there's a refreshing open-endedness here. The delineations are preceded by a helpful general discussion of aspects, with an emphasis on their elemental basis. A chapter on unaspected planets is also handy. If you want to start interpreting astrological charts, or get a deeper understanding of your own chart, this is definitely a book you can use.

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