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Alive and Well With Uranus: Transits of Self-Awakening

by Bil Tierney

Buy the book: Bil Tierney. Alive and Well With Uranus: Transits of Self-Awakening

Release Date: October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bil Tierney. Alive and Well With Uranus: Transits of Self-Awakening

Two Thumbs Up!

A super book that clearly and succinctly explains Uranus transits through the houses and in aspect to all planets. This is a terrific reference for both practicing astrologers and those navigating Uranus transits because Tierney explains the purpose of the transits while offering practical suggestions for navigating them.

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Ingenius Insights into Uranus

As a professional astrologer, I find Bil's book on Uranus extremely helpful when I want to tune in to the essence of this planet's unpredictable energy. Not only does he give the deeper, psychological manifestations of its transits to planets and houses in the natal chart, he gives real life examples that stimulate my creative interpretations. I find myself laughing with recognition, as he brilliantly weaves his Uranian tales. Bil has a wonderful talent for bringing the planets down to earth in a way we can all relate to and understand with great clarity. There are many astrology books out there on Uranus and the other outer planets; Bil's books are fresh, entertaining and great catalysts for deeper astrological perspectives. His books belong in every astrologer's library!

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