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Alive and Well With Pluto: Transits of Power and Renewal

by Bil Tierney

Buy the book: Bil Tierney. Alive and Well With Pluto: Transits of Power and Renewal

Release Date: December, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bil Tierney. Alive and Well With Pluto: Transits of Power and Renewal

Great Pluto Book!

As one who has had some significant Pluto transits, this book has been a frequent companion. Transiting Pluto in particular gets a lot of bad press, but Tierney approaches these times of transformation in a positive manner and offers practical ways to make the most of these transits. The writing is clean and accessible to readers at all levels of astrological knowledge. The reader has a reference for Pluto transits through all the houses and to all the planets, which makes this work an excellent reference for practicing astrologers, as well as a support tool for those undergoing the transits themselves. Tierney has done astrological practice a great service with his trilogy of works on outer planet transits. He is as authentic as Pluto demands!

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This Pluto Comes Alive For Me

"Alive and Well with Pluto" is an excellent choice for either getting acquainted with Pluto and its mysteries, or for furthering your study of this often intimidating planet. This book has something new and different to say about Pluto and is quite readable for those at all levels of astrology.

I read the author's "Twelve Faces of Saturn" two years ago and was impressed with his grasp of this serious and weighty planet, and so, I was anticipating a penetrating look at Pluto and was not disappointed. After reading this book, you will understand how relevant in today's psychology-oriented culture is the mythology of Pluto, and you will feel much more hopeful about any Plutonian transit you may have coming up.

Chapter Two---not to be missed---presents the benefits associated with successfully managing transiting Pluto. There are many suggestions, written in a witty, but exceedingly practical way, of how to do just that: manage your own Pluto encounters.

Before turning to Part II---a thorough analysis of Pluto transiting each house and planet of our natal chart--a careful reading of the "Tour" chapters (Three and Four) will provide you with a foundation for Part II. These chapters, covering how Pluto sizes up each natal planet and house, are well written and very easy to digest. These forty-four pages are lucid sketches of these basic factors of our chart, and what can happen when Pluto pays a visit.

The author seems on such intimate terms with the principles of the planets and houses, collectively and individually, that one feels as if he/she is reading a direct translation. Tierney's natal concepts are presented in a fresh way---you may look at the planets and houses with a clearer eye after reading this book. A bonus in reading "Alive and Well with Pluto" is that the Outer Planets are sometimes discussed as a group. Additionally there are excellent sections of the transits of Pluto with each of the other Outer Planets, Uranus and Neptune.

I now look forward to reading Bil Tierney's other two books in this trilogy---"Alive and Well with Uranus" and "Alive and Well with Neptune."

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