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Alive and Well With Neptune: Transits of Heart and Soul

by Bil Tierney

Buy the book: Bil Tierney. Alive and Well With Neptune: Transits of Heart and Soul

Release Date: November, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bil Tierney. Alive and Well With Neptune: Transits of Heart and Soul

Neptune Clarified :)

Just like "Alive and Well with Pluto" and "Alive and Well with Uranus", this book is fabulous in its clear writing and in its thoroughness of coverage. As other reviewers have noted, the murky waters of Neptune are the hardest to fathom, but Tierney makes sense for both practicing astrologers and for those undergoing Neptune transits themselves. He takes the reader through Neptune's transits of houses and planets, explains the themes and suggests ways of navigating them. Indispensable!

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Neptune . . . On A Clear Day

Clarifying the meaning and function of astrological Neptune is not dissimilar to trying to converse underwater. You end up with a bunch of bubbles in your face that pop and leave you with nothing. Bil Tierney found a way to have that conversation about this nebulous ruler of the deep and actually give his readers something they can comprehend, keep and apply. He accomplishes this feat by being not only an adept astrologer, but also a masterful story teller.

This energetically written book provides much insightful information about Neptune's transits. Tierney includes a sometimes amusing review of our natal planets and houses---all from Neptune's perspective--plus he offers an uncommon way to look at mythological Neptune (especially the stormier side) in his Introduction.

In Part Two, Bil is describing Neptune's influence in more down-to-earth ways, showing how this planet functions in our day-to-day world.

Tierney's books reveal he is a deep but practical thinker who is very psychologically astute. And . . (very important to me), he is much fun to read!

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