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Zen of Seeing : Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

by Frederick Franck

Buy the book: Frederick Franck. Zen of Seeing : Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

Release Date: 12 September, 1973

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Frederick Franck. Zen of Seeing : Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

A philosophical work that is not so deep

This book starts out by showing reader a technique of removing philosophical sunglass a typical person usually have when they look at objects. Then it wanders to signify it by relating it to something big, difficult to understand/not clearly stated, and appeal to feeling.
For example, 1. Trying to make mysterious,something that is quoted here and there from Eastern philosophies, some of philosophers quoted are not even related to zen philosophy,
2. Using Pope, Archbishop, big religious figures,
3. Describe nonerotic aspects of drawing nudity
This book is filled with many interesting sketches, pretty easy to read, is educational if you have never thought about aspects of seeing.
I would recommend this book to people who focus too narrowly in their professions.

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artist mode of seeing

This book is about developing the artist mode of seeing. By drawing what you see you will see better and then be able to draw it better which will allow you to absorb the whole of nature by paying attention to its small details too. The book is an eye opener- Author- Creative Painting For The Young Artist

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