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Tom Lynch 100 Watercolor Workshop Lesson Charts

by Tom Lynch

Buy the book: Tom Lynch. Tom Lynch 100 Watercolor Workshop Lesson Charts

Release Date: October, 2002

Edition: Spiral-bound


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Buy the book: Tom Lynch. Tom Lynch 100 Watercolor Workshop Lesson Charts

A Master Teacher's Workshop Charts

I agree with Verena Blackburn's review.
Many watercolorists teach workshops. Some merely demonstrate, painting a painting or 2 or 3, and lecture a little, at times the same old clues--you are supposed to learn by example but little else. On the other hand, some work at teaching as hard as they work at painting, and Tom Lynch is among the finest of these.
These 100 charts are for the intermediate-to-advanced watercolor painter. They are brief in explanation (particularly when it comes to Watercolor jargon), so it helps to know a lot of the common watercolor terminology. However, these charts represent the heart of Lynch's comprehensive teaching--he covers nearly everything--both with beautiful illustrations and reproduced paintings of his, which one can easily see accurately illustrate and clarify the text. But they are more than this. Lynch's design/composition/color approaches as well as techniques for rendering specific subject matter are insightful and often like revelations, the product of his many years of painting and teaching. He is able to capture in a few words art wisdom in a way I have not frequently found (I have about 80-90 watercolor painting books). It's obvious that Lynch has thought through and used successfully many times the techniques he captures in the charts. And, he has a way of communicating to you what you need to know to be successful. These charts contain, in concise form, watercolor knowledge that would probably take many of us years to acquire on our own.
Years ago (15 at least), I watched a number of Lynch's teaching presentations on public television (I also bought one of his first instructional books), and those few lessons did more for my understanding of watercolor and painting success than most workshops I have attended. They gave me what you might call a "quantum leap." These charts contain more. Honestly, I would have paid 10 times their retail price to own them, by the way.
One final word, if you buy these charts, it would be good to also buy his book "Watercolor Secrets," which covers some of the same points but also provides more text and explanations than the charts do. This would especially be wise if you are closer to the beginner end of the intermediate range.

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Workshop lessons

The format of this publication is very helpful and makes the book easier to read. I took the work shop and the book closely follows the design of the workshop.

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