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Total Tattoo Book

by Amy Krakow

Buy the book: Amy Krakow. Total Tattoo Book

Release Date: 01 June, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Amy Krakow. Total Tattoo Book

"Total Tattoo Book" totally incomplete

I must start by saying that I am considerably disappointed with this book. The author spends a lot of time boasting about being a "tattooed Jew", tooting her own horn for organizing a tattoo convention in New York, and talking about how "tattooed people are ok!" and "bikers are just like everyone else". There is definately too much chatter and not enough information. The list of tattoo studios in the back of the book is not a very good resource, as the information there is highly likely to change, such as addresses and phone numbers. There are a lot of black and white photos, not "many in color!" as the back of the book claims, and most of the pictures can be found in any number of other books on the subject. The book was inexpensive, and may provide some insight into tattooing in New York, but it lacks substance and isnt worth much more than a quick read.

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Excellent Book!

I am a tattoo artist and this was, without a doubt, the most comprehensive book I have ever read regarding the history of tattooing. I am going to suggest it to my customers, but no way they are borrowing my copy! That one is sacred ground!

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