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The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

by Arlen Schumer

Buy the book: Arlen Schumer. The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

Release Date: October, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Arlen Schumer. The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

High Art

Arlen Schumer has done for comic book art what Roy Lichtenstein failed to do...he has elevated, and rightfully so, the art of the comic book to its place as a true art form. And in so doing, he brings the overdue respect to the brilliant creators of the silver age who shaped the art form. This book transcends the idea of comic book art as merely popular culture. This is art folks! A true art form in itself. Schumer had the brilliant notion to show the art as it was meant to be seen...printed from the original comics. Past books that vainly tried to pay tribute to the form would perpetually shoot black and white stats of the original pages, sans color. Here we see the bold colors of the printing process that is so crucial to the form.

This book is such a fitting tribute to the talent of these men. If you appreciate art, you will want to own this volume and I will guarantee you will fall in love with every page.

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This Book is GOLD!

I don't know Arlen Schumer from Adam, but I know that if I were to have someone design my book, this is the guy I'd go to...Now I don't want to seem like some kind of Comic Book Degenerate...But this book is the equivalent of Fan Boy Porn...When I started reading this tome, my palms began to sweat and my heart started beating uncontrolably, and my breathing...well, I can't go into that. This book is like holding a multimedia documentary on Silver Age comics...It's bold, colorful and each page jumps out at you like a perfect frame from the documentary on this subject you've always dreamed about...but instead of disappearing in a rapid succession, this book allows study of each frame until your eyes get tired, and then with the turn of a page, Boom! the sensation starts again! All the artists covered in this book are the ones I grew up with, and collected so I'm there, right from the beginning! But unlike the Marvel and DC Archive/Masterworks books where the designers think they're doing everyone a favor by cleaning up the artwork, and re-coloring the art...this book somehow looks like a real comic...dots and all! Therein lies it's real charm! From the moment I opened it I could not take my eyes off of it...Hell, I want to sleep with this book! This is what a history of Comics should look like, and I can't wait for it's sequel...if you buy the Hardcover, the extra pages seem like they could be taken as a preview of such...Well worth the extra 20 bucks! This might just be the book you've been waiting for!

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