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The Figure in Motion

by Thomas Easley, Mark Smith

Buy the book: Thomas Easley. The Figure in Motion

Release Date: 15 May, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Thomas Easley. The Figure in Motion

I Like This Book!

This book has helped my drawing tremendously. Where else can you find photos of figures in these kinds of positions?
I am now far more able to depict dynamic tension, flow, balance and proportion.
Sure the photos are a little grainy and the lighting and printing sometimes don't show every muscle, but this is not an anatomy book. No single book will give you everything. I have taken what I've learned in anatomy books and applied it to the figures in this book.
As a result, I am creating images that are more creative and satisfying then ever before.
This book has helped me go from static posed drawings to characters in action and situations.
I take one star off only because with all the use I give it, the binding hasn't held up well and the pages are starting to come out of the book. I guess sprial binding would be the only way to avoid this problem.
Other than that, I like this book!

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Grainy, hard to see, silly, unrealistic poses

I loathe this book, and will sell it. All of the pictures are poorly lit and grainy, which don't show you anything in terms of structure. All of the models are super thin almost to a nauseating point. Its sad when you have to search through the book hoping to find the LEAST ugly person to draw. Also, the poses are in motion. I will give him that. However some of the poses are so funny and unrealistic, that I nearly fell off my chair laughing. We have the "I have an object stuck in my rear" pose and...Some of them are so out there I cannot describe them. I totally do not recommend this book.

From Amazon.com

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