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The Biker Code: Wisdom for the Ride

by Stuart Miller, Geoffrey Moss

Buy the book: Stuart Miller. The Biker Code: Wisdom for the Ride

Release Date: 03 June, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Stuart Miller. The Biker Code: Wisdom for the Ride


Bikers from all walks of life, professional and blue collar,
articulate their "wisdom for the ride", accompanied by some great
pictures. All this in an elegantly designed package small
enough to put in your pocket or saddle bags. A timeless "big"
little book that really gives you your moneys' worth. 'Two
thumbs up, way up"

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A dream revisited

I was just a kid when I was sitting on the back of a bike and holding on for dear life. My arms around these two wide shoulders holding on with a vice like grip. I trusted my father and I knew he would never put me in danger. I remember the sound of the engine and the wind as we broke through some kind of a sound barrier or something. The sharp turns that we didn't slow down for and for sure I was going to fall off.The sounds and the screaming of the wind were a memory I grew up with.I didn't realize it then but it was the most exhilarating memory of my life.
It all came back as I breezed through my new copy of The Biker Code. Was it the fear of getting on the bike or was it just something that I just never got around to doing?
Every page brought me closer to that memory so very long ago. Did I just see my old man on one of the bikes or was I just looking for him? Why did I run away from it? Is it not to late? My God, how I just love all of those free spirited souls on every page. Is it not too late to go back to those memories?
A great book. An emotional journey. Maybe a dream that can be lived again.

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