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by John Yow

Buy the book: John Yow. Teachers

Release Date: 08 October, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: John Yow. Teachers

Wonderful gift for the teacher in your life..

I am a third grade teacher and I received this gift from my principal. The photographer spoke to our staff. He was a wonderful speaker who really cared about his subjects. He even took the time to meet each of us and autograph our books. I recommend it for any teacher. It'll make you have good feelings about the profession that you are in.

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It's All in the Title:

This was a very inspiring book, the teachers were exceptional in so many different ways. I read an earlier review by Susan Nunes on this book and was so disappointed that she would single out one teacher to attack for what obviously seemed personal reasons. I hate to see your book review forum used in such a personal and vindictive manner.

This teacher in no way violated any rules and had the blessing of the school district and every parent who's child participated. I personally spoke with some of those parents who were not even of the same party as Ms. Cahill but felt so privledged that their child had this opportunity to experience first hand our political system. One father told me, "it was great to see my child interested in what's going on in his world". I find it no coincidence that S. Nunes is from Reno where Ms. Cahill teaches; it would seem obvious that Susan's biased political beliefs got in her way of a fair review of this book. Congratulations to all these fine teachers who dare to inspire and take our childrens learning experiences beyond the pages of their school books and outside the walls of their classrooms.

This would be a perfect gift for that special teacher or anyone considering the field of education.

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