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Subliminal Adventures in Erotic Art

by Wilson Bryan Key

Buy the book: Wilson Bryan Key. Subliminal Adventures in Erotic Art

Release Date: December, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Wilson Bryan Key. Subliminal Adventures in Erotic Art

Why You Should Read This Book

I have studied subliminal techniques for 30 years and I started because I read Key's first book, Subliminal Seduction. This book has examples from his previous works and need not be purchased if you have read them. If you have not been introduced to the world of subliminal art and have not read Key, you should get a copy. Subliminal means those images perceived at the unconscious level. Great artists through the ages have included subliminal embeds in their work and the world of commercial art uses them constantly. There is no "hard" evidence that hidden messages can change our belief system or behavior pattern, but the fact that creative artists and advertising specialists continue to use them might indicate they ARE effective. You will have to understand the psychology of perception to appreciate the possibility that you can be manipulated by hidden messages in visual images to accept Key's premise. For example, why would commercial artists continue to do it if there were no evidence that it works? Simply put, sex,guilt,power,greed,etc. does sell! Try the book and read more and see what you think. It is worth the time and money.

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read it carefully

Key has an uncanny insight into a subject that more people should become aware of. Most readers might say that it is difficult enough to control their own lives without having to worry about outside influences affecting their very thinking. This is where you will miss the boat so to speak by not taking the information in this book seriously. Nikolai Tesla compared most of humanity to "meat machines" and it seems he was right. The manipulation of our minds is more far reaching than even he could have guessed. What is being hidden from the machines (us)?

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