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Mehndi : The Art of Henna Body Painting

by Carine Fabius

Buy the book: Carine Fabius. Mehndi : The Art of Henna Body Painting

Release Date: 01 June, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Carine Fabius. Mehndi : The Art of Henna Body Painting

The first henna book I bought-I still refer to it most often

When I decided to venture into the world of my own business, I thought henna would be a likely place to start. Being artistic helps, but knowledge helps more. This was the first book I bought when I began my research into the great big world of henna. The instructions are clear enough so that children can understand, yet not dumbed down. There is a good deal of cultural information as well as interesting traditions and superstitions surrounding the use of henna all around the world. She doesn't stick to just one culture, which I appreciate. Too many books now just give the flashy "Madonna" speech and leave the rich history and customs out of it. This has enough cultural information to keep your friends or clients interested while you are doing a long henna design on them. The professionals tips are great, too! Saved me lots of failed experiments. There are several beautiful B & W photos throughout this book that range from very simplistic to terrifyingly intricate designs. So for those who are learning this wonderful art form either for personal self expression or going into business to do it, or both, this is a must-have! Go forth and Henna!

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Excellent Buy for a beginner!

This book is a friendly, easy read. For the beginner with no experience, it will make you feel comfortable. It offers advice on the history of a design, the meaning, and gives a step by step instruction on some of the more complicated looking designs. The book also offers practice exercises for those who feel they can't draw mehndi designs.
All in all, it's a good book for a beginner.

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