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Leonardo Da Vinci: Master Draftsman

by Carmen C. Bambach, Alessandro Cecchi, Martin Kemp, etc.

Buy the book: Carmen C. Bambach. Leonardo Da Vinci: Master Draftsman

Release Date: April, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Carmen C. Bambach. Leonardo Da Vinci: Master Draftsman

Leonardo DaVinci-Master Draftsman by Bambach

This book is written for art enthusiasts. The potential
readership includes historians, artists, museum curators
and students of world culture, art and history. The work
is perfect for a term or class project.

It has many famous
drawings and paintings by DaVinci. For instance, the spectacular
"Adoration of the Magi" appears in full color. There are
numerous apprenticeship drawings and renditions on the anatomy
of humans and animals. For instance, there is a very detailed
rendition of a horse leg. This work would make a wonderful
gift for a teenager or art buff. The full-color drawings alone are worth several dollars
apiece. The book is a tremendous value .

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The Definitive Tome on da Vinci as genius

LEONARDO DA VINCI: MASTER DRAFTSMAN is a magnificent addition to the library about this extraordinary Renaissance genius. Published as a 'catalogue' for the exhibition that just left the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the weighty book is successful on all levels. The Curator and driving force fo the exhibition, Carmen C. Bambach, has firmly established her credentials in this vast survey of da Vinci's drawings of human anatomy, both precise observations (eg 'Abdomen and Left Leg of a Nude Man Standing in Profile page 556) and artistic distortions ( the grotesque faces on pages 684 - 693), of his 'inventions' as a scientist, of simple observations ('A Copse of Trees'on page 469 for instance), of the technical aspects of drawing and painting (brilliantly executed examples of draping the figure as on pages 289 and 563), and sketches for numerous painting proposals. The first 225 pages of this elegant book are devoted to various essays about da Vinci, all written by erudite scholars who are immensely readable. The last half of the book is an in-depth presentation of the catalogue of the show, serenely annotated by Carmen Bambach. There are ample sections of documentation and easy references to the bibiliography and timeline for da Vinci's life. The drawings and paintings are beautifuly reproduced on first quality paper and the book, (though heavy as a lap book!), is artistically designed and produced. This magnificent volume will be the gold standard for da Vinci's drawings and should be part of every library on the Renaissance and on art history. Highly Recommended.

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