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Knotwork And Spirals: A Celtic Art Workbook

by Courtney Davis

Buy the book: Courtney Davis. Knotwork And Spirals: A Celtic Art Workbook

Release Date: 31 December, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Courtney Davis. Knotwork And Spirals: A Celtic Art Workbook

Great coloring book....

KNOTWORK AND SPIRALS by Courtney Davis is a great way to introduce kids to the intricacies of Celtic design. While historical accuracy is not Davis' specialty, the author captures the spirit if not the intent of these designs. Call it artistic license.

The book is filled with examples of knotwork borders, medallions, and other elements used to illustrate the beautiful books painstakingly copied by Christian monks--like the Book of Kells--as well as other church artifacts. Davis shares some insights into the symbology or supposed symbology of some designs, such as the center of the spiral as the 'motionless mover' (God) with flows of energy as spirals around the center.

Davis includes a number of designs of his own creation, built up as he says from doodles. There are many pages of knots and spirals for coloring, so the book makes a nice workbook for children with an artistic bent.

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Inspired Celtic Artist

This is a great book to inspire a Celtic Artist, or to show a person what Celtic Art is all about. It is easy to follow and it explaines how the art can be personalized with easy changes and examples, including full color finished work. History is also included about the many different pieces that tells the reader of the original source the artwork was found. The illistrations are large, clear and very easy to work with. This is a perfect book for someone interested in Celtic Art.

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