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241. Illuminating Video : An Essential Guide to Video Art
by Doug Hall, Sally Jo Fifer, David Bolt

242. Image on the Edge: The Margins of Medieval Art (Essays in Art and Culture)
by Michael Camille

243. Images of Myths in Classical Antiquity
by Susan Woodford

244. Images of the Journey in Dante's Divine Comedy
by Charles H. Taylor, Patricia Finley

245. Imaging the Word: An Arts and Lectionary Resource
by Susan A. Blain, United Church Press

246. Immemory (CD-ROM for MacIntosh)
by Chris Marker, Brian Holmes

247. In Her Own Image: Women Working in the Arts
by Elaine Hedges, Ingrid Wendt

248. In Praise of Black Women, Volume 1: Ancient African Queens
by Simone Schwarz-Bart, Andre Schwarz-Bart, Rose-Myriam Rejouis, etc.

249. In the Midst of Chaos, Peace
by Sister Wendy Beckett, Dan Paulos, Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, etc.

250. In the Traces: Railroad Paintings of Ted Rose
by Ted Rose, Thomas H. Garver

251. Indian Painters of the Southwest: The Deep Remembering (Contemporary Indian Artists Series)
by Katherin Chase

252. Indian Rock Art of the Southwest
by Polly Schaafsma

253. Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects
by Thomas G. Smith

254. Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space
by Brian O'Doherty, Brian O'Doherty, Thomas McEvilley

255. Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Art
by Stephen Farthing

256. Interior Design and Decoration (5th Edition)
by Sherrill Whiton, Stanley Abercrombie, Augustus Sherrill Whiton

257. Interior Graphic and Design Standards
by S. C. Reznikoff

258. Introduction to Digital Photography
by Joseph Ciaglia

259. Introduction to Japanese Architecture
by David Young, Tan Hong Yew, Michiko Kimura Young

260. Introductory Lectures on Aesthetics (Penguin Classics)
by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedri Hegel, Georg Wilhelm, etc.

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