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How to Draw Manga: Occult & Horror

by Hikaru Hayashi

Buy the book: Hikaru Hayashi. How to Draw Manga: Occult & Horror

Release Date: July, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Hikaru Hayashi. How to Draw Manga: Occult & Horror

One of the best

Im sure all of you manga artists out there have probably heard of the "how to draw mang" series, although most of the books are for experts a begginer such as myself can learn a whole lot out of a book like this. The book concentrates on things like monsters and gosts ect.. The book shows some background techniques (very important) and as another reveiwer said there are a lot of RPG character ideas. The bad side: None of the how to draw manga series shows how to draw manga step by step if the book showed step by step it would definetly earn its 5th star. Although I must admit it is sometimes fun just copying the pics. It may seem expensive but trust me its worth every penny. for those who like step by step then perhaps a Christopher Hart book may be best for U

Thanks for reading my review !!

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Not as good as I had hoped.

I got this book pretty much based on the front cover, I have to say. While that is my fault, it's misleading. I wanted to learn to draw nekos (cat-girls), which I couldn't find in the book. One thing though, there were some cool sections about Japanese mythology and monsters.

I do like this book, it just wasn't as good as I hoped. I still look through it when I'm drawing, but I think only one picture (chibi devil girl) actually has any elements from this book.

From Amazon.com

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