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Eva Hesse

by Elisabeth Sussman, James Meyer, Briony Fer, etc.

Buy the book: Elisabeth Sussman. Eva Hesse

Release Date: February, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Elisabeth Sussman. Eva Hesse

Matter for Thought

I have just viewed a beautiful Eva Hesse retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and this book is a catalogue of that exhibit. Eva Hesse was exceptionally talanted, innovative artist, associated freely with what is described as Minimalism. She considerably expanded horizons of our thinking of modern art, introducing new textures, such as latex and fiberglass, presenting her highly original, personal vision with rare integrity and also intensity. The exhibit provides a fascinating survey of her carreer: from early Expressionist paintings to collages made from found objects to mature sculptures which challange viewers' notions of artifact, museum space and artistic performance. I think the book preserves the best experience from that show and combines it with interesting, sometimes thought-provoking essays on Hesse by observant art critics. It is invaluable as a source on Hesse, Minimalism and, more broadly, international artistic scene of the 60s, of which Eva Hesse was one of the prime, crucial figures.

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If you can't see the show...

I, too, say "Thank you" to Eva Hesse and to the people who mounted the show and produced this catalog. I went to SFMOMA to see the major Edward Weston show and spent most of my time being captured by Eva Hesse. I've been back twice for each show.

The Sixties were full of new ideas in art and most were more noisy than Eva Hesse. So, we didn't see enough of her and she really didn't receive the recognition due her in this country. This book is a small step to redress that oversight.

Eva Hess was out on a limb and her work is about as easy to show as a rainstorm. It is a measure of how good she is that the show for this catalog was done so well. This catalog is up to its task.

A very moving and thought provoking show. This catalog will help keep her delicate adventure alive and spawn more Eva Hesses. If you are lucky it will get you to the show, then back to the book to think about this very "material girl", her personal life and perhaps what you should be doing with yours.

It is worth mentioning to those who don't know Hesse's work that this current show will most likely be the last that some of her work will survive. If you want to see it, do it now.

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