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Dynamic Anatomy

by Burne Hogarth

Buy the book: Burne Hogarth. Dynamic Anatomy

Release Date: December, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Burne Hogarth. Dynamic Anatomy

A worthy reference...

Being an aspiring comic book artist, I found Burne Hogarth's reference to be invaluable in the field of figure drawing.

Like most anatomy books, Dynamic Anatomy illustrates the relevant muscle groups in Hogarth's inimitable style. Unlike some anatomy books, however, this doesn't have skeletal references which most art schools would instruct as the basis of figure drawing.

Moreso, he provides some tips to effectively draw each major part of the anatomy, plus the discussion about foreshortening towards the end of the book is worth as much as the majority of the content.

Still, for what its worth, I found the book pretty well done and would recommend it to folks who do figure drawing (especially in the illustration of characters with superhuman physiques).

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Perhaps the best ever "how to" book on creating action poses

The inimitable Burne Hogarth breaks down, with startling simplicity, the secrets and tricks behind inventing YOUR OWN dynamic action poses! Once you've mastered his techniques, you REALLY WON'T ever need reference again!

As an artist (15 years illustrating), I can whole-heartedly reccomend this book to any other artists (especially aspiring comic and sequential artists), struggling with the difficulties of posing the human figure in deep perspective (and making it look right).

While I'm not a big fan of Hogarth's style (all the drawings... hundreds of them... are rendered in his style), I was nonetheless SO blown away by the techniques he revealed that I went and bought ALL the other Hogarth books.

For the experienced artist... the benefit is this: Burne Hogarth doesn't try and teach you how to draw like HIM. He shows you how to use what he knows, to better serve your OWN art. And his tricks are time tested! Well worth the investment.

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