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Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (3rd Edition)

by Geoffrey Keppel

Buy the book: Geoffrey Keppel. Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (3rd Edition)

Release Date: 05 February, 1991

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Geoffrey Keppel. Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (3rd Edition)

Intuitive, yet rigorous

This is probably the best experimental design and analysis text available out there. Unlike other texts (e.g., Winer et al.'s), it is writen as a book to be read rather than as a reference to be consulted sporadically. My graduate students all praise it for being just at the right level of intuitiveness-rigor. I suspect that it covers about 85-90% of the analysis issues that behavioral researchers face with respects to experimental data (e.g., from one-way ANOVAs to three-way mixed-design factorials, contrast analysis, elementary ANCOVA). For the rest (e.g., fractional designs, random-effects models), researchers should consult more technical (and less readable) texts such as Kirk's and Winer et al.'s. I only wished that the author would come up with a new edition--the current edition (the 3rd) was published in 1991--and that he would use a broader range of examples (e.g.,from social psychology as opposed to cognitive psychology only). Overall,however, it's a great reference.

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Business students who want simple "why" & "how" of technic

A business student interested in multivariate techniques seeks a book on regression and ANOVA that does not have involved/advanced mathematics. This book is an answer to that.

An earlier edition emphasised the Behavioural Sciences. I expect that this edition attempts to speak to a wider audience

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