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Color in Three-Dimensional Design

by Jeanne Kopacz

Buy the book: Jeanne Kopacz. Color in Three-Dimensional Design

Release Date: 12 September, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jeanne Kopacz. Color in Three-Dimensional Design

Professional interior Designer recommends this book

Color in Three- Dimensional Design by Jeanne Kopacz is a definitive and comprehensive book on color. There is no other reference book like it. Students to professionals, homeowners to artists, will find many usages for this book.

This book covers everything from Color Theory to three-dimensional perceptions to three dimensional applications. You will learn how artists, interior designers, and architects invoke emotions from the use of color. How the amount of color with texture and lighting can create different effects.

I highly recommend this book for novices and professionals...you can't go wrong with this purchase. I wish I had this book when I was in school. I would have saved time in research and experimentation.

From Amazon.com

Great professional resource.

Finally! I've been looking for a book like this for years.

As both an interior designer and architect, I'm concerned about how to use color for everything from bricks to wall coverings. The typical books I've found on color are either of the 'pretty picture' coffee table variety or are texts focusing on narrow aspects of the subject, such as the science of color or the environmental impact of color. "Color in Three-Dimensional Design" is the first book I've seen that puts it all together: history, theory, light, materials and impact. While there are numerous illustrations and photographs showing theory and real world examples, this is not a book that dictates color schemes. Rather, it is a book that gives both students and professionals the tools to use color effectively in a wide range of design projects.

Beyond its obvious use as a textbook for students of color, I'm sure that other design professionals will find it to be as invaluable a resource as I do.

From Amazon.com

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