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California Impressionists

by Susan Landauer, Donald D. Keyes, Jean Stern, etc.

Buy the book: Susan Landauer. California Impressionists

Release Date: July, 1996

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Susan Landauer. California Impressionists

The Beauty of California Art

This book is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! Very pleased with it. There are 102 pages in this softcover book and many color reproductions of California Impressionists works of art to include: Wendt, Payne, Bischoff, Gamble, Rose, Hills, and many more. About 60 pages of color photos of the above listed artists and more. Chapter titles include; Impressionism's Indian Summer, From Giverny to Laguna Beach, The California Style In Perspective. The bottom line....I'm VERY happy that I bought this book and recommend it to others. Enjoy

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The colors are perfect.

I got curious about California impressionism a few years ago when someone saw my sketchbook and pointed out that what I was doing was called "plein air" art. One of my favorite things to do is to go up into the hills over Berkeley with my sketchbook and get pastel dust all over my nose and on some paper. I poked around for quite a while to find more images of this style but felt like the images I was seeing were not the real deal. They looked a bit flat and dull.

I had the good fortune of seeing an exhibit in Oakland, California at the museum there and got hooked on the luminous colors in the paintings. I managed to view the collections in Irvine and Laguna beach. I don't recall where I got this book, but I took it with me to Laguna Beach and held the pages next to some of the originals.

This books is the only book I have seen that comes even close to reproducing the beautiful and luminous quality of this genre of painting. For me, this book is helpful for those occasions when I struggle with picking a color in one of my own works that hits the quality of light I am trying to arrive at. Plus, it is wonderful to just sit back and say, "Wow."

I will be the first to admit that I have not read the text carefully. I just skimmed it. But the color quality and selection of images merits two thumbs up, a gold star and a California sunset.

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