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Blur: The Making of Nothing

by R Elizabeth/Scofidio Diller

Buy the book: R Elizabeth/Scofidio Diller. Blur: The Making of Nothing

Release Date: 03 September, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: R Elizabeth/Scofidio Diller. Blur: The Making of Nothing

Visually awsome

This book was designed extreamly well. The book consists of emails, faxes, photos, sketches, CAD, essays, and much more in a scrap book fasion. The whole thing is talking about this project for the Expo, but that isn't what is interesting about it. The design of the book allows you to page through and look at the pictures, read snippits of emails or faxes, and shows you their process of concept and design. If you were to ignore the fact that it is all talking about this one project you can use it to inspire new ideas for your own use. This is one hell of a book. The copy i go was a slightly different version but the inards are essentially the same.

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the good against the bad

diller & scofidio are the best. and everyone has to know it. so read the book and support them on their fight against the rest of the bad, bad world. you can manipulate every fact that it fits your purpose, but sometimes it's too transparent for mature people, probably this book would work as a fairytale for children.

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