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Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism (Associated Press Handbooks)

by Brian Horton

Buy the book: Brian Horton. Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism (Associated Press Handbooks)

Release Date: 30 October, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Brian Horton. Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism (Associated Press Handbooks)

Nice introduction book

I bought this book since I want to become a photojournalist.
I am a photographer who has graduated a photo school few months ago. this book isn't for beginners, The little technical data may be misleading if read by a novice. Instead, it deals with content and the thinking and working process of photographers in this field. I find it as a nice introduction to the world of photojournalism,though a little "too good to be true" kind of book. The book definitely doesn't deal with the problems, the deadlines, the failures and the risks. This is like a postcard, where everything is perfect. There is a good side though, it is easily read, and very interesting. You want a more serious book, look some place else...
If you have the spare bucks though, don't hasitate and buy it!!!

From Amazon.com

Don't Bother

Anyone writing a positive review of this so-called book must be a relative of the author.

Being an avid reader of all things photography, most of the books that actully get published seem to have at least some merit. This book actually achieves the dubious distinction of being utterly useless.

It is nothing more than a scrapbook or stream of consciousness diary of sorts with no substance, no direction and no worthwhile information regarding the picture taking process. This literally could not have taken any effort to "write". The only people who put any effort into this one were the people who chopped down the poor trees to make this thing and the printers and bookbinders who assembled it. Don't waste your time or money on this one. Other than the foregoing, I enjoyed it immensely.

From Amazon.com

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