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Bali Style

by Barbara Rio/Walker Helmi

Buy the book: Barbara Rio/Walker Helmi. Bali Style

Release Date: 01 March, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Barbara Rio/Walker Helmi. Bali Style

Best of the Style books on Bali

Excellent photos of the best houses, building materials, gardens, fabric, crafts, and architectural details in Bali. Very beautiful as a coffee table book, quite useful as a style reference book.

The text is very nicely written, without repetition or fluff; it serves mainly to illuminate the huge variety of photographs. In other words, the reader will learn a little about Balinese geography, sensibility and culture from Walker, but not in intricate detail or with scholarly authority. I read it cover to cover in a couple of days, and felt it was a decent grounding in Bali style.

Author, editor and photographer should be praised for finding examples of all kinds of Bali style: garish, sublime, fancy, plain, funky, sophisticated, folksy, casual, formal, sacred.

A solid overview, useful to decorators, architects, mere Bali fans.

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Bali style

I never read this book, so I'm very happy to discover all the informations about architecture of the Pacific area, and I'd like to be more lucky and get that book in my shelves.

When I read the editorial reviews and the hardcover, I already fall in love (déja amoureux). my mind is risen when I get the opportunity to meet very nice things, when I read very nice descriptions, and mainly when I watch very nice pictures about very nicest, cutest houses.

I really look forward to get an exemplary of this book to enhance the richness of my mind!

may day, may day, may day! Help me to get it!

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