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Art School: A Complete Painters Course

by Patricia Monahan, Patricia Seligman, Wendy Clouse

Buy the book: Patricia Monahan. Art School: A Complete Painters Course

Release Date: May, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patricia Monahan. Art School: A Complete Painters Course

great book

This is a great, comprehensive painting guide for anyone who is interested in getting into oil, acrylics or watercolor painting. It shows all the basics needed including the materials available and needed and it also shows (at least to me) some advanced techniques. Great for any beginner and maybe even intermediate painter. The only complaint I have to make is that I would have liked that the book covered other kinds of painting too, such as glass painting, but I guess it makes sence that they didn't really get into that since it seems to me that it is a classic kind ot painting school.

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A huge resource for anyone painting anything!

I am very pleased with the work I have created using this book. I had a lot of questions about watercolor and oil painting. Most of the other books I purchased and studied left a lot of the beginner things out....like how to actually mix colors well. The format is wonderful as well, you can go from one exercise to the next a really get some techniques under your belt. The approach to demystifying the products needed for each media was fantastic. You are shown what each product is for and when you might use it. The instuctions in the book include clear step by step pictures...so you don't start feeling lost halfway through the exercise. The best part? There is no rigid rules, the dialogue is personal and encouraging. You flip through it and start itching to paint!

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