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Art Puzzles By Number

by Kathy Weaver

Buy the book: Kathy Weaver. Art Puzzles By Number

Release Date: 01 May, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kathy Weaver. Art Puzzles By Number


WOW! WE LOVED these puzzles! We have given them as gifts to family and friends and keep getting asked if there is another puzzle book of this kind in the works! HURRY UP AND PUBLISH ANOTHER ONE, KATHY WEAVER!
I like the fact that you are rewarded with a picture if you do the puzzle correctly. If you get off track you may end up with a three-legged horse, and you have to go back and find your mistake......but that is the fun of it.
The paper is of good quality as evidenced by the fact that we have erased them over and over so we could do them again and again. WONDERFUL BOOK! VERY ADDICTING!

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great puzzles, average level of difficulty

Pixel puzzles are very fun and addictive logic puzzles. I can't get enough! They are often considered math puzzles, but as long as you can count, you'll be fine. They don't require any reading, so they're great to do while you're listening to TV or a book on tape. Nonetheless, they really work your brain. They require a logical, step by step approach, and are very satisfying.

I am a true addict. I have tried every book I could find with this type of puzzle. If you don't have any experience with pixel puzzles, this book would be a great place to start. The puzzles start out very easy and get more difficult as you go. The puzzles in this book are more challenging and interesting than the Games Magazine Paint by Numbers book, but not nearly as challenging as Perplexing Pixel Puzzles or Mind Sharpening Pixel Puzzles (the best of the bunch). If I wasn't already spoiled by the two Pixel Puzzle books, I would have easily given this book 5 stars.

The paper quality of this book is much better than the Nonograms book. A sharp pencil won't poke through the page and you can erase easily. The binding fell apart though because the pages don't lie flat. Spiral bound books (like the Pixel Puzzle books)are much better for this type of puzzle. I didn't mind too much though, because I can put a few loose pages in my travel bag for a quick diversion while waiting in the airport. These puzzles always attract the curiosity of flight attendants and other passengers on planes.

If you already know you like this type of puzzle, then I would recommend Mind Sharpening Pixel Puzzles and Perplexing Pixel Puzzles. They are much more challenging and you'll get many, many more hours of solving fun for less money.

From Amazon.com

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