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Art Of Optical Illusions

by Al Seckel

Buy the book: Al Seckel. Art Of Optical Illusions

Release Date: 01 September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Al Seckel. Art Of Optical Illusions

A Visual and Aesthetic Treat!

This is the most striking collection of illusions that I have ever seen. I have taught perception and visual cognition at the university level for decades but many of the illusions were new to me. The production is so masterful that the viewer not only experiences the illusion at full strength, but obtains an aesthetic treat as well. This book would be a wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in vision science, visual art, or visual experience. Short creator/explanatory sketches are provided for each of the illusions though, as the author notes, a complete explanation is wanting for many of them. Perhaps Al Seckel would consider opening his extraordinary web site for more discussion/explanation as to the basic visual mechanisms underlying these illusions.

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A fine book on perceptual illusions

Professor Al Seckel of Caltech has put together an excellent book of many delightful illusions. The book contains both photographs as well as drawings, paintings, collages & sketches. Virtually all of them will trick your eyes the first time you see them.

A very nice feature of the book is that it also includes scientific & pyschological explanations for how & why our minds interpret various geometrical drawings as having dimensions that are not possible under the laws of physics in our universe. There are many others which show either 2 faces in one or 2 objects in one. It is fun to recognize one of them right away, then search diligently for the other one; it will appear if you give it time.

As advertised, this is a wonderful book for people of all ages. It is a delightful book to show to pre-schoolers and adults alike. It would also be of particular interest to graduate students in pyschology, physics and philosophy. Some of my favorites are the chessboard illusions as well as #5, #54, #69, #71, #78 & #104. I would recommend that you buy your own copy of this delightful book so that you may pick out your own favorites!

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