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Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy

by Dave Hickey

Buy the book: Dave Hickey. Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy

Release Date: September, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Dave Hickey. Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy

Best Book I Read All Year

A chain of family and friends recommended this book to me--first my niece, then a younger brother, then an older brother, an age range of more than 25 years. I'd like to have a box of the books by my front door so I could give one to everyone who comes and goes, including the Fedex man, the mailman, friends and door-to-door salesmen. It is wonderful, intoxicating, and hilarious. Sometimes too wordy, but when it is, it is a little like Moe slapping Curly and then poking him in the eyes. Hickey always brings you back to earth after zooming around the clouds. The book should be required reading for academics and artists alike--you'll never think about what you do in the same way after reading this book, which in some ways might be characterized as a love song to life. Utterly delightful. I drove my wife crazy raving about it, now I have to get her a copy, since mine is all marked up with exclamation points.

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Air Guitar-Dave Hickey

As an art student I was instructed to read this book. At first Hickey's tone was troublesome and posed much trouble to me, yet once my epiphony came to life not only did my artwork take aon a whole new, more realized meaning, the once tunneled vision of the world that I had, expanded. If you are to do nothing, do it better than anyone else. To Artists-A MUST, To persons interested in expanding-A MUST, To everyone else-A MUST

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