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Affirmations for Artists

by Eric Maisel

Buy the book: Eric Maisel. Affirmations for Artists

Release Date: September, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Eric Maisel. Affirmations for Artists

Affirmations that Work

I believe that making affirmations really help us to achieve our creative goals. Eric Maisel's book is full of affirmations that really work if we work them! I make this book part of my daily reading, and it makes every day start on a positive note.

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Well-indexed, good inspiration

Maisel is one of my favorite authors writing for artists. As in his other books, he shows here great sensitivity to artists' challenges. In his typical style, he doesn't pull punches with these affirmations -- it's clear an artist will never be fulfilled unless s/he gets up and WORKS. These affirmations support that process, without gluing up the works with the mystical overtones (mumbo-jumbo?) often associated with affirmations.

Arranged alphabetically by subject (Failure, Success, Fear, Anxiety, Inspiration, Day Jobs, Depression, Joy, etc.), each page is devoted to one subject. The page includes quotes from famous artists, a short paragraph to consider, and an affirmation to overcome the challenges and reinforce the positives.

One thing I stumble on each time I use this book is the wordiness of the affirmations. These aren't pithy sayings to be glanced at and remembered all day. Most are fairly involved paragraphs in their own right (On Inspiration: "I believe I create for myself when I honor my artist's nature and diligently practice my craft. I will work whether I feel inspired or not: I know that if I labor with an open heart and an open mind, inspiration will come. I am ready to create it, receive it, and be swept away by it."). I tend to shorten them, pulling out just those points that resonate with me ("I honor my artist's nature and embrace inspiration"). This can be an advantage, though, since it means there can be different affirmations for each person or each situation. It also involves the artist in the creation of the affirmation, making each one uniquely that person's.

Highly recommended for living more fully with your artistic self, or as a gift for the artist in your life.

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