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Absinthe Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide

by Betina Wittels, Robert Hermesch, Ed. T. A. Breaux

Buy the book: Betina Wittels. Absinthe Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide

Release Date: October, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Betina Wittels. Absinthe Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide

The Only Book About Absinthe You Will Need or Desire

A coquette coyly reveals her delicate ankle poised in a laced boot. Seductively displaying her naked breast, a "working girl" sits languidly draped on a barstool. Another woman tantalizingly performs a classy, scintillating striptease arousing visions of that famous, French pleasure dome, the Moulin Rouge. They each appear to indulge freely of an ethereal, emerald elixir. In hypnotic transformation, the elixir becomes green-white, pearlescent, liquid silk which teases the palate & gently cradles the mind into a blissful, waking reverie. Who's insatiable fantasies feed on such luscious, sensuality: these ladies' or our's? The women & their mysterious elixir of choice are more worthy than just fleeting glances, more fully enjoyed when slowly savored on multiple occasions. Such is the lure of the recently released book, Absinthe, Sip of Seduction.

Exquisitely written & lavishly illustrated, I highly recommend this book--sure to become a favorite in your permanent collection. With a flair for balancing the historical & contemporary aspects of Absinthe, Ms. Wittels has written a provocative book which informs and entertains. She seamlessly guides us from Absinthe's Victorian era popularity, to its demise post-ban, & continues to lead us well into the modern day Absinthe Renaissance. Taking little stops along the way, she shares quotes of famous imbibers &, also, more intimate, psychological analysis of the sexually charged art within Absinthe advertisements. Also included is a comprehensive, worldwide guide to finding one's own path, should one wish to pursue the "Green Fairy" beyond the pages of the book.

Now, dare to surrender. Dare to be seduced. Slip between the covers & venture through the sheets exploring the luscious, sensuality of, Absinthe, Sip of Seduction. You will surely want to slowly savor the luxurious experience again and again.

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Sweet Seduction.....

A book that can be opened at any page and immediately appreciated is one that is most likely to be read over and over again. Absinthe Sip of Seduction is such a book.

Like a finely crafted Suisse Bleue louched in a crystal swirling glass, this book can be sipped and savored alone or among friends.

For the "uninitiated", there's enough eye candy to draw their attention to this virtually censored chapter of the Belle Epoche age. Everybody I know has heard of Prohibition, but pretty much nobody in my circle ever heard of Absinthe (which was banned in the USA several years before Prohibition). More than one of the people to whom I've shown this book has immediately started Googling for European purveyors of this mystical elixir.

For those already familiar with the Green Fairy, prepare to be transported back to another world through beautiful photographs and recollections of the history and personalities of an era seemingly ancient to our modern imaginations, but that was yet less than 100 years ago. Make sure you have a bottle of your favorite brand poured and louched before delving in.

Having first flown on the wings of la Fee Verte only recently, the only knowledge I had about its lineage was what I was able to piece together on the Internet. Of course, much of what I read concerned the virtues of the various brands purveyed by the sites I visited, but I did find a lot of information about its history and allure in various places. So by the time I first spotted this book on the shelf I had some context and was immediately drawn to browse it.

When I opened it up to a random page I was immediately captivated. Betina Wittels has succeeded in creating in me the same feeling I had when I had my first sip. It was a sense of revelation! In accordance with the title I was immediately seduced. I suddenly discovered I was a compadre of Hemingway, Picasso and Oscar Wilde. I saw a whole category of art devoted to the elixir, and a wealth of paraphernalia I had never imagined.

This book is both informative and concise, perfect for the modern reader. One is not bored with erudition, however the eclectic array of information attests to the author's authoritative stature.

I don't believe anybody has ever considered building a cult around whiskey or gin. But Absinthe definitely has all the trappings of a cult: a sense of the mysterious, a sense of belonging to an elite group, there is the ceremony and the symbols of fire and water used with the sugar and spoon.

I would heartily recommend this book to all those who seek initiation into the Cult of the Green Fairy. For those already under her auspices, it's great to keep on the coffee table for the purpose of evangelizing and making converts.

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