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A World of Rings

by Anne Van Cutsem, Anne Van Cutsem

Buy the book: Anne Van Cutsem. A World of Rings

Release Date: December, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Anne Van Cutsem. A World of Rings

Editorial Review Correction

I'm afraid to say you did a confusion regarding your Editorial Review (book description) between A WORLD OF RINGS, and a new book, which is not yet published, from the same author Anne Van Cutsem: A WORLD OF EARRINGS (November 2001). These two books have of course two different subjects despite the fact they have the same author. Thank you in advance to make the appropriate corrections in your review section.

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Needs a different title!

First, this book has a misleading title. "Rings of Africa and Asia" would be more accurate (the few pages of rings from America hardly seem worth mentioning). I purchased this book for the library in our college jewelry lab, hopefully to inspire students with the variety of rings created around the world and throughout history. It will be looked at and enjoyed I am sure, but I am still searching for a book that would show rings from the entire world and throughout history, ancient to present. Second, in order to read the descriptions of the rings pictured, one must flip to the back of the book for details. While this makes for a beautiful coffee table type book, with great photos and no print on the page to distract, it does make it difficult to use the book as a reference. Also, many of the descriptions leave out important information, such as dates. The best descriptions include details regarding the symbolic meaning of the designs or similar information; I would have liked to have seen more of this type of content. On the plus side (the reason I give it four stars and will buy a copy for my own library)... it is a beautiful book that does present a great variety of rings from the two continents. The large collection of ethnic rings are well photographed (all in color) and presented in an artistic fashion. For this alone, I feel it is worth its modest price and recommend it despite the shortcomings I mentioned above.

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