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Individual Art. Modern Artists' Websites

Jon Syverson's Art - Paintings, Drawings, Digital Artwork, Digital Photography.

Tianyige ART-NET - Meditative painting by Jane. An artist's look at dao, zen, crosslight, the universe. All originals are for sale.

Contemporary Zen painting - Contemporary Zen painting by Monk Song Yoon. When a monk-artist expresses the crystallization of his experience and a viewer is drawn into this world, then path-seeking becomes a less lonely experience as the monk-artist and the viewer walk on together towards the world of enlightenment.

Soulful art: sculpture, prints, life mask-making - A virtual salon offering unique photo collage and sacred poetry, customized greeting cards, novelty art gifts (see: "people part door knobs"), and soulful sculpture in ceramic and bronze, by Ojai artist, writer, social philosopher, Ronda LaRue.

Martine Jacobs - Beautiful pastels inspired by the East. Pastels and electronic media. Prints of all works are avaliable for sale.

Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey. - Find out more about his artwork and the book, including artwork he has created for the Web.

Metaphysical paintings by Julio Mateo - Abstract painting, printmaking and drawing galleries based on Sacred Geometry, nature and art's spiritual relationship to cosmic creation. Artist's interview, Guest Artists galleries, Art/Poetry pages.

Iverson Gallery - Original oil paintings by a local artist expressing the inspirational natural beauty of California...the redwoods, the crashing surf... Monterey, Carmel, Yosemite, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Affordably priced. Safe and secure ordering. Fill your home with beauty..

Art and Windsurfing - A gallery of windsurfing art,which consists of original paintings , limited edition giclee prints and canvas prints.

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