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Chinese Art

China Experience - All about chinese culture. Plenty of articles, images of traditional artwork. Art and crafts, scripts and calligraphy, architecture, performing arts, folk customs and much more.

Chinese-art.com - On-line magazine on traditional chinese art: auctions, exhibitions, archeological news, illustrated articles. Reviews of contemporary chinese art. Online bookstore.

China the Beautiful - Classical chinese art, calligraphy, poetry, history, literature, painting and philosophy. A very large collection of Chinese calligraphy by great masters. A lot of information on Chinese culture and history, though a bit oddly organized, but valuable.

The Voice of China - Chinese culture and society, from the traditional to the popular.

Chinese Art Net - Maserpieces of traditional chinese paintig and calligraphy. Works by contemporary artists for sale, information about the artists.

Asiawind - A website on chinese art, culture, business and technology. Contains images of calligraphy and antique objects such as coins and bronze mirrors. A page about hakka culture.

Traditional Chinese culture in Taiwan - Plenty of information about all aspects of Chinese culture: calligraphy, painting, dance, music, clothing, philosophy, kung fu and so on.

Penjing - Chinese landscape bonsai - A small site about landscape bonsai and viewing stones. History, articles, photo gallery, books.

The Gallery of China - The longest established online retailer of Chinese paintings. Wide selection of traditional Chinese paintings, originals by very accomplished Chinese artists. Excellent collection of links to various resources about China. Articles about Chinese art

Green Dragon Arts - Here you can order Chinese calligraphy on various topics: Chinese zodiak, feng-shui, love, dragons and tigers, etc. No two artworks are the same!

Learning Chinese Painting Step By Step - A free online course of chinese painting.

Carmelia’s Chinese calligraphy Studio - Quality hand brushed Chinese calligraphy for wall hangings, name translation, logo designs with Chinese calligraphy, iron-on transfers, rubber stamps, sandalwood/agate name seals, novel gifts, Chinese greeting cards and more.

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