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Art and Craft Supplies

Dick Blick Art Materials - All kinds of supplies for fine art and crafts. All imaginable tools, materials and equipment for painting, grafics, mosaic, ceramics, printmaking and other creative activities. An impressive choice of books and cd-roms on fine art and art education. Forums for teachers and artists, directory of art links.

In2Art.com - Art supplies for professional artists. Paints, brushes, pencils, markers, canvas and paper, easels and much more. Discount prices every day.

Atack Art Supplies - Australia based online store of premium art supplies. Paints, graphic mediums, palettes, brushes, knives, etc.

AOE Art Supply - Fine art and drafting supplies at discount prices with fast friendly service including special requests and shipping. All kinds of painting and drawing mediums, painting tools, paper, canvas and boards. Evrything for sculpting, grafics and drafting. Studio equipment, framing materials. Children's section.

Lotus Fine Art Supplies - Lotus creates unusual handmade art supplies--wax seals, agate burnishers, papers, writing pens & other exotic items. .

The Glassworks - Stained glass supplies, glass art tools, stained glass mosaics. Links and forum about stained glass art.

Oriental Art Supply - The best materials for the brush painter, sumi-e artist, or watercolorist. All materials are imported from asia with the highest quality assurance standards. Brushes, paper, seals. Books and videos with lessons and instructions.

Magic Paper - Supplies for sumi-e. Brushes, paper, a collection of gifts.

Ichiyo Art Center - Japanese paper, brushes, stencils, ikebana, accessoires, books about japanese crafts.

Silver Dragon Studio - Supplies for traditional japanese painting and calligraphy. Oriental gift shop, some prints with dragons.

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