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Art and Artists Search Engines

AbsoluteArt.com - Artists portfolios, art news, advertising opportunities for artists. Art marketplace: contemporary painting and photography for sale, classes and discussions on art marketing.

dArt - Internet Art Network. A cooperative effort of over 5000 websites to help people find and research art. Art database, containing art from thousands of collectors, artists and dealers. Prints, painting, sculpture, photography. Web directory of art related sites. Critic's corner - you can research or post your critiques, rants, and raves about any artist. Art forums

Artnet.com - Art search engine, with entries on ca. 13,000 member artists. A central place to research, buy and sell art, the largest and most respected site on the web for art market information and transactions.

Artist-Show.Com - The world's largest art link site. Searchable directory listing museums, galleries, artists, exhibitions.

Art in Context - Not-for-profit Art search engine with 5 million visitors yearly. Lists museums, galleries, artists and exhibitions.

Art Navigator - The website is dedicated to the international art market. Presents the artists, art events and companies related to art business. Art directory contains links to international art websites.

Art Education & Colleges - Art Schools Search dot com is a search engine, which will help you find art colleges to start your art education.

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