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History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

by Frederick Hartt

History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, by Frederick Hartt More Info | Buy the Book
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Book Description

Frederick Hartt's unrivaled classic is a dazzling journey through four centuries of Italian Renaissance painting, sculpture, and architecture. Its sumptuous color illustrations, fine writing, and in-depth scholarship bring into focus all the elements of this extraordinarily creative period and the remarkable personalities who gave it life. Highlights of this Fifth Edition include: a striking new design with more than half the artworks illustrated in full color new views of frescoes and sculptures photographed in their original locations that offer a dynamic insight into the way the art was originally experienced fresh views of great works of art that have been restored since the last edition extended captions that identify Renaissance patrons and provide details about historical context, emphasizing how the art was created and why.

Building on the book's more than 30-year tradition, revising author David G. Wilkins skillfully blends new scholarly discoveries with the enthusiasm that Hartt so successfully conveyed to generations of students and admirers of Italian Renaissance art.

Opinion of Colin Nickerson

Fredrick Hartt is a man whose love of his subject is only equal to his willingness to expalin it in terms of the layman. He does not limit the purview of the book to merely the depiction of Italian life and piety, but brings in narrative and anecdotes to enliven the tome. He introduces us to the vocabulary of the arts, not consigning them to an inconvenient niche in the appendix, neither condescending incessantly or immersed in jagon. The resplendent illustrations, true eye candy, fill the book, making it a true bargain. Hartt truly deserves the copious awards given to him by the patrons of the arts. My only regret is that the usuerers of my school book store had not charged such a bloated price ($72) for this book.

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