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African Masks from the Barbier-Mueller Collection, Geneva, by Iris Hahner-Herzog, Maria Kecskesi, Lazlo Vajda, John will Gabriel. Books, bookstore, dvd, video store.
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African Masks from the Barbier-Mueller Collection, Geneva

by Iris Hahner-Herzog, Maria Kecskesi, Lazlo Vajda, John will Gabriel

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Book Description

Mysterious, graceful, and majestic, the African mask has long been the subject of great fascination for those interested in tribal civilizations and cultures. Now available in paperback, this beautiful volume presents nearly 250 of the finest African masks from the incomparable Barbier-Mueller Collection, which is unique in its vast number of masterpieces and wide geographic scope.

Opinion of a readerfrom North Carolina, USA

This book has fantastic photos and information about the masks pictured. There are also archival photos of similar masks from earlier times. The most impressive part is the photos of the masks in use. I have often had trouble imagining how the masks were worn or used until this book. Not only are there photos of many of the masks in use the whole costume is also pictured. Truly one of the best books I've seen on the subject.

Opinion of a reader from Los Angeles, California

First-rate, high quality throughout, this volume does what a book of this type should do: packs in plenty of color plates of the masks, and shows them being worn (in black-and-white in situ photos) on the accompanying left-hand pages of the spreads. The collection is far-ranging and, though it cannot include every type of mask, it does manage to convey the incredible variety, richness and paradoxical sophistication of this art form. Highly recommended.

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