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Africa: The Art of a Continent

by Tom Phillips (Editor), Royal Academy of Arts Great Britain

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Opinion of Mark Farley from England

One of the most complete general works on African Art and well worth purchasing for detailed information on the variation in art form, tribe, country and art style in Africa. Almost full tribal location information and regionalised art details makes this book a must for the serious collector and student on the subject. From early Egyptian to more recent times, it is a book you have to read several times to understand that no one can ever know the true depth and complexity within the African Art world. A good all round reference book on a much misunderstood and underated art form.

Ingram Review

Spectacular sculptures in wood, bronze, and stone, as well as mural painting, ceremonial pieces, ceramics, jewelry, and textiles provide stunning proof that although these works were not made to be "art," they can be enjoyed by Western viewers purely on their aesthetic merits. This text touches on well-known aspects of African art, as well as works from the Guinea Coast, Sahel and Savanna, and Northern Africa. 130 illustrations, 110 in full color.

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